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Postcard Retargeting does one thing: 
convert your lost website visitors

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The right tool to help convert your lost website visitors 

Modern iO Postcard Retargeting doesn’t solve all your marketing problems. But what it does do – very well – is improve your online sales with the traffic you’re getting right now, by converting your lost visitors.

The concept is simple – we send postcards to visitors who leave your website and don’t buy. It combines the best of retargeting and the power of direct mail. And it works.


How Postcard Retargeting Works

98% of visitors leave
your website

Retarget them with a
high-response Direct Mail Postcard

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No Minimums, No Set-Up Fees 

  • Under $1 per card (includes postage!) for most programs
  • Pay-as-you-go weekly billing
  • You control the budget based on what makes sense for you

The first step is to Request a Tag. Once it’s placed on your website, your dashboard shows how many of your visitors we match to a mailing address. There’s no cost or obligation.