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Combine Email Marketing with Direct Mail and take customer activation to a new level.

Email is a powerful direct marketing channel. But overcrowded inboxes mean the open rates have continued to fall.

However, studies prove that if you’ve built a high-converting list for your Direct Mail campaign that reaches the right people, combining Email with Direct Mail helps push customers from interest to purchase.

This one-two punch activates your customers better than just Direct Mail alone.

Proven performance when combining Email with Direct Mail.*

Email + Direct Mail Response stats

*Source: USPS Direct Mail Study


Strengthen relevancy and brand recall by timing Email and Direct Mail.

Email BEFORE Direct Mail

Generate advanced interest from customers and prospects with a sneak peek of your promotions before the Direct Mail arrives.

email after your Direct Mail
Email AFTER Direct Mail

Stay top-of-mind and create urgency with last-chance reminders about offers, events, and more after your mailers are delivered.

Learn more about timing your Emails for the best results.

Expand reach and boost response with integrated Email campaigns.

Consistent messaging and precise timing are key components to effective Email Marketing. Our expert team coordinates all aspects of your campaign, making it easy to reach the right people at the right time for the best results.

Email Planning


Based on your goals and best practices, we map out a seamlessly integrated Direct Marketing campaign without the hassle of juggling multiple vendors.



Provide your HTML-ready design, or have our creative team put together attention-grabbing emails that complement your entire marketing campaign — and are CAN-SPAM compliant.

Targeted Lists

Targeted Lists

Reaching the right audience is essential to the success of every marketing channel. We can help
you improve your house list or create a custom list of lucrative new prospects.

Lift campaign response
with Email Marketing!