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Email Services

Email enhances your Direct Mail campaigns so you get a higher response and convert more leads.

Studies show that when you combine an email campaign with a direct mail campaign, your prospects are more likely to respond. That makes sense…multiple touches helps increase awareness.


Whether you have or need an email designed, have or need a list, our experts are here to help you launch a professional, 100% CAN SPAM compliant campaign.

Send an email before your direct mail campaign launches to give a sneak peek of special offers and get your brand in front of prospects.

Send an email after your direct mail lands to create urgency and remind consumers about limited-time offers, upcoming events and more.

Normal Turnaround Time for Email Campaigns

These dates reflect business days, and renting a list may add additional lead time.


Choose an email design template or ask for custom creation.

We can also easily convert your direct mail piece into an email-friendly format. By creating consistency between both pieces, your audience will more easily connect the two, and you’ll get more responses

The design of your email is key to opens and clicks.

Two key factors are riding on the design of your email promotion. First, it needs to grab attention and deliver your valuable message. Second, it must comply with the CAN-SPAM Act to ensure your message makes it to inboxes, not junk folders. With the help of Modern, succeeding in both areas is a snap.

If you don’t have an HTML email already designed, that’s okay! You’re in very experienced hands…

Pick a Template

  • Professionally designed
  • Simply add your text/photos
  • Set-up fee: $50
  • Call for templates

Go Custom-Built

  • Initial consultation
  • Personalized estimate
  • Services: $100/hour
  • Skilled, top-level designers
Have your Email ready?

If you have an HTML email already designed, you’re well on your way to launching a campaign. Simply send it to us, and we’ll quickly review it to make sure the coding follows our guidelines. If any issues are discovered, you can manage the revisions on your end – or Modern can take care of it for you (fee applies).

Once your email has been finalized, the standard email campaign launch timeline will kick off.


Think about which list will work best for you: “House” list or a Rental.

We can guide you to the better choice for your business. A ‘House” list is simply your own customer base, and will always yield a higher open rate than purchased lists. When you Rent a list, you’ll need to make sure it’s from a reputable source.

Rent Lists from Reputable Sources

The right email list is the key to cost-effectively attracting new customers. By only partnering with the most highly regarded list companies, Modern helps to ensure your valuable marketing message makes its way to inboxes, not junk folders. And that means increased read rates and response rates.

Email Pricing When Renting a Consumer Email List

This pricing is for postal and email deployment. Mail to the physical address with an accompanying email.

  • 15¢ per name, single use
  • 10,000 name minimum order
  • Select demographics such as age, income and more
  • Plus, a follow-up email to the same list qualifies for a 50% discount!

We also offer Business Lists, which enable you to find companies according to their industry (SIC code), number of employees and more. And if you want to reach magazine subscribers or members of a certain professional group, we’ll find the right email list for you. Simply ask your Direct Marketing Specialist for an estimate!

In Touch with Customers

Email + direct mail campaigns keep them buying

Whether you’re marketing in tandem with a direct mail campaign or simply emailing a monthly offer or news update, frequent communication is the cornerstone for success. And with the help of Modern, you simply hand over your .xls, .csv or .txt file and we’ll handle all the details, including SPAM compliance.

Email Pricing When Using Your House List
  • 10,001 or more emails sent, 1¢ per email
  • 5,001-10,000 emails sent, 2¢ per email
  • Up to 5,000 emails sent, 3¢ per email

Prices above include up to three variables that you can use to customize your emails, such as subject line, “Dear Name,” company and more. Feel free to discuss your ideas with a Modern Direct Marketing Specialist.


Pricing is simple and clean, flexible based on what you need.

By partnering with the experts, you can rest easy knowing that your campaign is 100% CAN-SPAM compliant and any email list you rent only comes from the most reputable resources. Our prices are determined by two basic components of the campaign, the design and your email list.

Email Design

  • Template: $50/hour
  • Custom-Built: $100/hour

If you have an HTML email already built and the coding follows our guidelines, there is no charge. If any issues are found, you can manage the revisions– or Modern can take care of it for a small fee.

Single Use Consumer Email List Rental

No account set up fee. This pricing is for email deployment only.

  • 5,000 name minimum, 10¢ per email sent
    (Prices may vary depending on your list selection)

Your House Email List

$299 account set up fee

  • 10,001 or more names, 1¢ per email sent
  • 5,001 – 10,000 names, 2¢ per email sent
  • Up to 5,000 names, 3¢ per email sent