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Our Digital Integration Lifts Response Rates

Reach customers on devices and in mailboxes
with Digital Integration.

Adding Digital Integration to your Direct Mail campaigns helps your customers respond how they want to. As a result, they can either click, call, visit a website or go to your store.

All the industry studies show that Integrated Digital Marketing with Direct Mail lifts response versus using one tactic by itself. The best way to see how this approach could work for you would be to contact us. No obligation, no risk.

Our team integrates digital and mail to improve response. Call 800-959-8365.

A single source for Integrated Direct Marketing.

With Modern, you don’t have to juggle multiple vendors. We have our own print and mail facility. That means our team will seamlessly plan integrated digital marketing and mailing tactics.

We’ve worked with thousands of customers in every industry, so we can help you organize and launch your campaign. Think of us as your outsourced marketing team that can help you affordably bring in more business.

Review Business Goals

New customers? Awareness? Leads? Let’s figure that out.

Set a Reasonable Budget

We’ll review the spend across channels for a test.

Plan the Whole Campaign

From timing to quantities, to hit goals and budget.

Add Digital Integration to any mail campaign.

Integrate Email

Email before and after your mailing drops. We can append both email and mailable addresses to your lists.

Send Display Ads

Our Direct-to-Device Addressable Geofencing sends ads before, during, and after the mailing.

SMS Texts

SMS Texts allows your audience to receive an offer code they can use immediately. 

Site Retargeting

Use Modern iO website retargeting postcards after they go to your website. That way, visitors get a second touch.