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Track Direct Mail performance to make sure you’re spending smartly.

Continual direct mail measurement is the key to effective learning and achieving your business goals. Direct mail is measured by delivery, response and ultimately, conversion. Take a deeper dive to learn more.

Follow some of these best-practices
and prove whether or not your mail makes a positive ROI.

  • Profitability Tool — use this downloadable tool to help measure, plan and evaluate. Download now
  • Unique 800 numbers — we have affordable services that help you set up a different phone number for each campaign
  • Match-back report — ask how we can cross-reference your mailing list against responses, showing buyers
  • Unique landing page — if you have one for each campaign, you can direct users there and measure using Google Analytics
  • Coupon or offer code — simply count how many coupons are redeemed in-store or online
  • List management — by reviewing responses, smartly make updates and improvements every time you mail

Know when you’re reaching customers with our daily Mail Tracking Reports.

We track and verify how much of your mail is being delivered to your audience every day. Daily Mail Tracking Reports show the volume of delivery, verified by the USPS bar codes.