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Customer Profile Report

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Find new customers who look like your best customers.

You know who they are…they buy more, they click through more…they are your best customers.  Our FREE Customer Profile Report can uncover key demographics to help you find prospects just like them. We do this by comparing each of your customer’s demographic attributes to the general profile of your prospect population. Those prospects that most closely match your best customers represent excellent marketing targets.

Reduce marketing costs and improve response rates.

The profile report enables you to segment existing clients so you can develop effective cross-sell campaigns, up-sell promotions, loyalty programs and other customer-focused strategies. Your marketing campaigns are based on statistically relevant data insights that help you focus on your most profitable customers. You may also improve campaign efficiency, as you bypass unproductive customers, while marketing to your best prospects.

Learn more, faster, with up to 44 demographic overlays

The profile report statistically profiles your best business or consumer customers. Within minutes, your house file is matched against a comprehensive database of U.S. businesses and/or consumers to create a customized market penetration analysis. The strength of the reporting lies in its ability to provide up to 28 consumer and 16 business demographic overlays, revealing more information about your customers, so you can market more effectively. Some of these characteristics include:

  • Consumer demographics: gender, household income, households with children present, marital status, length of residence, home ownership, mail responsive buyer and more.
  • Business demographics: location type (single, chain), owner gender, employee size, years in business and annual sales volume to name a few.