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Agencies and Designers require no-nonsense, on-time, and perfect.

Working with printers can be time-consuming, and then add a mail shop into the mix and it becomes a hassle. Modern’s all-in-house print, mail, list, and fulfillment make it easy to get a full solution fast.
Print and Direct Mail for Agencies has become THE added channel to your clients’ marketing campaigns.

Agencies are busy, and Account Managers need to balance timing, deadlines, client demands, new creative, and the omni-channel pressures of keeping everything on track and in synch. So when it comes to Print and Direct Mail for agencies, Modern’s team can step in and take some work off your plate.

Our team can handle as much or as little of the campaign as you wish: from simple file prep information and fixes to full campaign design and guidance. The service you receive gives you the peace of mind to take Print and Direct Mail off the worry pile, and the quality and turnaround makes you a hero to your client.

National brand as a client?

We don’t compete against you…instead, we work with you to make sure you’re a hero to your brands. We support marketing, advertising, and even Direct Mail agencies. Learn More.

Gain exposure with these Print and Direct Mail ideas:

  • Flat Postcards: Bio cards, exhibit and show cards, juried exhibitions, reception invitations, feature new works, mailed website drivers/online gallery, poster prints for resale, craft & holiday fair invites
  • Folds & Tri-folds: Same as above, plus portfolio cards, multiple artwork features, double and triple business cards, greeting cards, holiday cards and notecards
  • Booklets: New artist exhibitions, art dealer catalog, wall calendars for resale, gallery information, exhibition takeaways, multiple artwork/artist features
Lift Response with High-Performing List Targets: 

  • Art collectors and dealers
  • Interior designers and architects
  • Institutions and corporations
  • Affluent consumers and homeowners of specific ages

Direct Mail Crash Course

Coming to a city near you, we offer FREE Education on how to create impactful and effective Direct Mail Campaigns.

FREE Marketing Kit

Gain insider tips and expertise that will help you launch effective direct marketing campaigns.