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Save / Export Settings for Photoshop

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Save As a TIFF or PDF

Photoshop users may save as a TIFF or as a Photoshop PDF.

Save As TIFF Options Tab:

Go to File -> Save As and select TIFF.
Be sure not to use any image compression and set Byte Order to “Macintosh.”

Save As PDF Options Tab:

Please download and use our Adobe PDF Export Settings.
Or follow the next steps to export your PDF.


Set Compatibility to Acrobat 5 (PDF 1.4). Be sure that “Preserve Photoshop Editing Capabilities” and “Embed Page Thumbnails” are enabled.


Set all images to “Do Not Downsample” and set image compression to “None.”


Set Color Conversion to “No Conversion” and set Profile Inclusion Policy to “Include Destination Profile.” Please leave PDF/X options alone.


Please DO NOT apply security to your PDF file. We will be unable to open it unless you supply us with the password.


You may skip “Summary”.

Click “Save PDF” and a PDF will be exported.

After generating PDF files, you may upload them over the internet or send them to us on disk(CD). Be sure to compress your files prior to sending them over the internet.