How a boutique retailer
gets 8x ROAS with
Postcard Retargeting.

In a world of fierce competition in e-commerce women’s apparel, see how a boutique retailer got a low cost-per-new-customer-conversion, and a massive Return On Ad Spend. This case study shows how Blue Canoe went from discovery, investigation, trial, then advocacy of this wildly effective marketing channel.

Postcard Retargeting really works. See how, along with more stories.

You’re spending money to drive website traffic you’re not converting.

Adding Postcard Retargeting can help.

Now, reach customers who have already expressed an interest in your site. With a 100% open rate and stronger conversion than digital, postcard retargeting is now a proven channel that fills a gap in your marketing and sales funnel. 

Our solution is simple, ground-breaking technology. We match about 50% of your website visitors to mailable addresses, whether or not they filled out a form (of course, we can suppress against your customer or CRM file). Then we mail cards the next business day to their home address. Instead of just retargeting digitally, send a message they’ll literally hold in their hands.

Look, you could spend years optimizing and A/B testing your pages, buttons, headlines, etc. But you’re needing results now.

You’re getting website traffic today, next week, next month…and you’ll always need to convert better.

Simple to begin, easy to continue: we send you a tag for your site, we review the traffic and addressables to discuss creative and budget, and launch the program.

We recommend Abandoned Cart and specific Product Page creatives, so you can mail your visitors a more relevant message. We’ll work with you on the creative – from marketing advice to full design services – or you can do it all. It’s your choice. 

No Minimums. No Contracts. Amazingly Affordable. Launch a Program in Under 2 Weeks.