Deluxe Postcard – 6″ x 8.5″

Larger than a Standard Postcard

Our Deluxe size postcard is larger than a standard envelope, which makes Deluxe cards stand out in the mail stream. If you’re mailing to new prospects, let us find those most likely to respond. Just ask for your free Profile Report.

  • Standout Advertising
  • Trade Show Collateral
  • Deluxe Postcard Handouts
  • Event Promotional Piece
  • Direct Mail Marketing


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The MP staff was professional, friendly, and always available both by phone and email to answer questions about our project. The turn-around time was within hours, and our product was delivered within a week. I have worked with Modern Postcard before and will definitely do so again.

Submitted Review

We are unique in the industry by offering a suite of services in the base price. Get Full Service Pricing

Included in the Full Service Price:

  • Up to 3 digital images/logos provided by client
  • 1 scanned image provided by client
  • Follow client submitted mock-up or detailed instructions
  • Basic formatting and typesetting of client submitted text
  • Simple borders and headlines
  • Quality checks of digital files (specs and color)

We offer premium color accuracy, quality and paper, and can customize the paper, coating, size, etc. Ask us how to customize. Overview of Specs & Options:

  • Printing: 240 Line screen printing for sharp, clear color | 14 pt. Premium Card Stock
  • Coating: Gloss Aqueous | Matte Finish available upon request
  • Product Options (call for details): Color Proof | Rounded Corners | Perforation | Custom Trim
  • Paper Options:
    • 14pt. Premium Card Stock
    • 14pt. Recycled Card Stock
    • 100lb Premium Text

Please Note: Some paper options may require additional turnaround time, different pricing and cannot be purchased through our online system. Please call us at 800.959.8365 for pricing information, additional details or to place your order.

Basic Layout Instructions:

  • Bleed: 1/16″ (.0625 of an inch) will be trimmed off each side of your product
  • Borders: Borders should be 1/4″ thick from the bleed edge (3/16″ or .1875″ from trim). 3/16″ is minimum border recommended
  • Safe Area:
    • Elements too close to or over the trim edge may trim into or leave a visible leak
    • Borders thinner than 3/16″ from bleed edge may appear uneven when trimmed
    • Images bordering the trim edge may cause a leak on final cards. Images should “bleed” off the page
  • Images: CMYK @ 355dpi (1200dpi for Bitmaps)
  • Postal Regulations: If your cards will be mailed, please ensure that your layout complies with the USPS Postal Regulations

This product requires a layout that adheres to USPS Postal Regulations. Mail Rates:

  • First-Class Letter rate without envelopes
  • First-Class 1 oz. Letter rate with envelopes
  • Mails at Standard & Non-Profit rates

Our templates are designed to help you kick-start your layout. Templates are available to download in the following formats: Deluxe PDF  | InDesign | Photoshop | Illustrator For more details and other product templates, please visit our Templates page.