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Direct Mail Retargeting Fundamentals Webinar

Fundamentals of Direct Mail Retargeting
Most marketers spend their budget on digital retargeting, attempting to recapture more of the 98% of website visitors who leave without buying.

Yet most E-commerce websites face enormous competitive challenges when retargeting their website visitors: they can’t match the budget of bigger brands that can afford to outbid their rivals on the best placements and top sites.

This means that E-commerce websites can be squeezed out and overlooked while the visitors they paid to bring to their site see digital ads from competitors.

Direct Mail Retargeting is a complete solution that complements existing marketing to give E-commerce businesses more recall, better engagement, and ultimately more new customers.

This high-performing marketing channel sends a one-to-one Direct Mail postcard to lost website visitors, leveling the playing field for E-commerce websites and helping them better compete with big brands.

Join Chris Foster, VP New Business Development at Modern Postcard, as he details the fundamentals of this breakthrough marketing channel. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Qualify your website to see if Direct Mail Retargeting is a right fit
  2. Utilize a Cookie-based approach for address capture (and why it’s the best method, especially now)
  3. Target the mailings to focus on the highest-intent visitors
  4. Create the most effective postcard design for high response and conversion
  5. Optimize for best performance to deliver the strongest Return on Ad Spend

Modern iO Direct Mail Retargeting has been at the forefront of helping independent brands and agencies take advantage of their existing website traffic to get new customers. As the first end-to-end solution in Direct Mail Retargeting, this webinar will help any marketer or business owner understand how this channel has proven to get 14x more return visitors than through their digital retargeting efforts.