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Integrating Marketing Channels

Integrating Marketing Channels Webinar

Facebook, Google Ad Words, Emails, Billboards, Direct Mail, Door Hangers, Podcasts, Instagram, TikTok…you name it! As a marketer and business owner, you have lots of ways to engage your customers. Maybe too many!

From being made aware of your business to finally purchasing and telling their friends about you, each of these “channels” has a specific purpose in an overall “journey” your customer takes.

But how do you balance all of the choices? What is the best way to integrate the different communications and get the most bang for your marketing buck? How and what should you measure?

Let’s take the plunge into integrating the variety of marketing channels that are now at every business’ disposal. Join Chris Foster as he explores what combinations and expectations all marketers and business owners should know.

  • How to identify the job of each channel
  • Why digital, physical, and outdoor marketing have different lifespans
  • When measurement and attribution make sense, and when it doesn’t
  • Which channels are strongest in different parts of the customer journey

Marketing spend is more critical now than ever, and no business wants to waste money on tactics that won’t pay dividends. Learn how to thoughtfully organize all the options available, and make the most of your marketing budget as you head into the Fall season and Q4.