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Marketing to Generation Z

Marketing to Generation Z

Join this webinar to understand the unique buying behavior of Generation Z, and walk away with ways to tap into this market that’s already one of the largest collective buying powers in the world.

40% of U.S. consumers belong to the age group called Generation Z (people born between 1997 and 2012). According to Forbes, the buying power of Generation Z is $150 billion annually, and there are no signs of it slowing down. So, how do you position your brand’s strategy to tap into this enormous opportunity? Join our presentation to find out. You’ll learn:

• Emerging data patterns, characteristics and behaviors
• How social media plays a role in engaging with Generation Z
• What marketing tactics to use for this younger generation
• Why paying extra attention to reviews might be a good idea
• How diversity and education will play a role in buying decisions
• 7 direct mail marketing tips to successfully target Generation Z

The reality is, there’s a real risk of being left behind by Generation Z if brands do not meet this age group’s high expectations and demands. These consumers are armed with information, and are looking to connect on a deeper level with potential companies they are considering buying from. The question is: Are you up for the challenge?