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How Print Marketing Lights Up Customer’s Brain

Webinar on Demand How Print Lights Up The Brains Of Your Customers

Customers are barraged with 4,000 – 10,000 marketing messages a day, and it’s harder for marketers to engage and retain attention. Digital marketing is challenged by distractions: pop-ups, sliders, ads, and more lead users away from your message. It’s easy to lose your audience and fail to engage.

However, using Print to engage the brain of your customer connects in a deeper, more powerful way. Studies indicate that print marketing engages 35% more than digital. See why and how Print activates key parts of your customers’ brains for higher response and brand recall.

In this innovative presentation, you’ll learn:
  • Why we are biologically hard-wired to respond to print
  • How digital distractions reduce brand recall
  • Ways to integrate digital and print channels for an optimal buyer journey