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Storytelling for Business

Storytelling for Business
You spend a lot of time writing marketing messages on Facebook, your website, direct mail, emails, and more. But are they actually compelling your audience to connect with you? Using a Storytelling Structure helps any business create an approach to more authentically, and persuasively, communicate to their audience. This webinar is the mentor for you, our Hero, and reveals a journey that can lead to a transformation of new awareness for your business. Watch and you’ll see what we mean! Also, be aware, some viewers mentioned they cried while watching this – true story!

  • Learn why omnipresent distractions make it harder to connect
  • View aspects of neuroscience explaining why stories engage human brains
  • Watch examples of functional, emotional, and moral transformations
  • Walk through how-we-built storytelling messages for real-life campaigns
  • Sign up to receive a template to help you build your own Story Arc