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Webinar: 5 Best Practices of Direct Mail Retargeting

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Did you know you’re losing new opportunities to increase sales every day? It’s true. 98% of first-time website visitors have no actual intent to buy anything. In addition, a person will visit eight different websites before making a final purchasing decision. This means, there’s a window of opportunity to make another impression on your undecided website visitors – and it’s not through digital retargeting, which usually goes unnoticed these days. Instead, target your lost website visitors by mailing them a postcard reminder!

We’ll cover important learning derived from scientific brain studies, such as:

  • Your brand message literally lands in the hands of your website visitors
  • How online content is consumed and retained compared to traditional print
  • Your prospect focuses on your offer while at home, not distracted by online noise
  • Your card arrives shortly after they visited your site, and provides a strong reminder to return

In addition, we’ll give you an overview of how our Direct Mail Retargeting program works, from logistics and cost, to the do’s and don’ts of designing a direct mail piece. Learn directly from the experts and see what Direct Mail Retargeting can do for your business!

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Chris Foster - Presenter

Meet Your Presenter

Chris Foster
VP, New Business Development

Chris has developed numerous webinars, workshops, and in-person presentations for national conferences and professional organizations. In addition to his work at Modern, he continues to teach Brand Strategy at UCSD Extension since 2009.