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Webinar: Direct Marketing to Grow your CBD Business

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Have you ever been frustrated with the changing regulations and restrictions of digital and broadcast channels? Are you looking for ways to better market and grow your CBD brand? Our expert team has developed a how-to guide for launching affordable, targeted direct mail programs that will reach your target audience in a way that digital ads can’t. In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn about the CBD market and its audience
  • Gain an understanding of marketing and advertising restrictions in this highly regulated industry
  • Discover solutions that will help you market and grow your CBD brand
  • Learn how to retarget your unconverted web traffic with affordable postcard mailings

The CBD space has exploded with new brands and products over several years, and the growth trend will continue. It’s an inspiring time to be in the space. There’s a massive opportunity for CBD brands to help with chronic pain, sleep problems, anxiety, and more. This webinar will explore all the legal ways in which you can grow your business and expand your brand’s recognition.

Chris Foster - Presenter

Meet Your Presenter

Chris Foster
VP, New Business Development

Chris has developed numerous webinars, workshops, and in-person presentations for national conferences and professional organizations. In addition to his work at Modern, he continues to teach Brand Strategy at UCSD Extension since 2009.

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