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Webinar: Marketing to Increase Church Attendance

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How do you increase attendance at your church? This is a question a lot of churches struggle to find the answer to. In this webinar, we’ll go over some common pain-points and ways to address them. You’ll learn:

  • How to incorporate various marketing channels to help spread the word
  • How to target a specific demographic of residents near your church
  • How to reach new movers in your neighborhood
  • How direct mail retargeting can help you acquire and retain visitors

One of the biggest myths regarding direct mail marketing is that it’s too expensive for smaller organizations. We’re here to tell you, just because you have a limited budget doesn’t mean you can’t launch a direct mail campaign. And although there is no secret way to marketing success, there certainly are tried-and-true practices that deliver results.

A stack of church direct mail postcards
Chris Foster - Presenter

Meet Your Presenter

Chris Foster
VP, New Business Development

Chris has developed numerous webinars, workshops, and in-person presentations for national conferences and professional organizations. In addition to his work at Modern, he continues to teach Brand Strategy at UCSD Extension since 2009.