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Our people, process and products are customized to fit your needs.

Modern’s difference is our unique combination of dedicated, experienced teammates using state of the art technology.
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Our Process is built on experienced people using the latest technologies to serve your changing needs.


It begins with engaging and listening to you so we understand your needs. Browse the site, call or chat with us, look at our reviews, ask around.

If you’re looking for a team that focuses on your experience, the quality, and taking worry and stress away from ordering print or direct mail, you’ve arrived at the right place. Contact us.


After we understand your business and the goals, we send you a custom estimate. Turnaround, mailing strategies, the best product, are all considered to ensure we hit your budget, timeline, and the results you’re looking for.

We also offer design and marketing services to help you get the most out of your print and mail. Contact us.


The color technology, printing, turn-around, seamless integration with lists and other services, are all combined into our production stream in our in-house facility.

This ensures higher quality and better communication so your products are produced on-time, with no extra hassle, and look better than you expect.


Your order might be shipped to a single location in a single box, mailed nationally ahead of a major seasonal retail sales event, or shrink-wrapped and shipped out in stages.

With over 75,000,000 cards printed last year, we’ve shipped and mailed to almost every conceivable locale and venue.

What’s most important when comparing Print and Direct Mail vendors?

When you’re touring websites and contacting other vendors, you’ll have a lot of information thrown at you. Over our 25 years, we’ve found that customers compare these factors when choosing who does their next print and direct mail project.


It’s in our DNA to only hire experts, build technology, and develop processes that obsess over color and printing. How important is the quality of your next project?

Customer Care

We’re people-based. That means it’s online ordering when you want, and dedicated reps when you need. We spot problems, give advice, and all live here in the U.S.

Added Services

We’re unique by offering all services in-house. From mailing to lists, custom printing and more, we are a “one-stop shop” for print marketing.

Turnaround Options

Whether you need cards next day, or want to pay less for longer turnaround, we can help. Large shipments, tight deadlines, we’ve seen it all and can give you options.


Customers choose Modern for the value of our quality and service. Some products are priced higher than other vendors, while some are not, so ask us. We’re flexible.

Expert Advice

Our teammates are well-versed in serving businesses of all shapes and sizes and some reps have been here for 18 years! We can help with all aspects of the order.

Are we the best fit for you?

Check out these data points about these business types, and see how we’re a fit. We’ve mixed and matched our products and services to most every kind of business. We can make a solution that will work for you.

The quality of our Products continue to delight the harshest of critics.

We started by serving the audiences most critical of print quality: high-end Real Estate Agents, Artists and Photographers. Our entire vision of quality spun around serving each individual customer with 500-run postcards. That’s in our DNA.

And while we have adapted to the online printing space, we never, ever, shirked our commitment to quality.

Our digital image experts, platers, pressmen and bindery operators are measured not by volume, but by quality. That’s why our product reviews are stellar, and why our customers keep coming back.

Flat Postcards

Folded Postcards



Our Team is Focused on Your Success

Modern Postcard is different than other online printers or mail houses. We’re focused on making sure you have the best experience and results. Period. And, we ask you to compare.

We’re grateful and proud of our reviews and satisfaction rate, and we’ve always been guided more by how we help the customer versus how many cards we can sell and print.

And, since we’re all located in the same building, each client is connected with an account manager and design team to make sure we know you and help from one project to the next. And, while 72% of our employees have worked with us for over 5 years, over half have been with us for 10+ years, and some of us have been managing their same customers for 15 years.


Most of our team has been with Modern for 5+ years.