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For more marketing education on how to take advantage of your existing website traffic, join our upcoming Webinar on Postcard Retargeting.

Learn how we convert about 50% of website traffic to mailable addresses, then send Direct Mail postcards the next day. It’s a powerful way to engage your lost website opportunities.

In the webinar, you’ll see why this channel converts more lost website visitors:

  • See what blocks digital retargeting from engaging all your visitors
  • Learn why print has been proven to get higher conversion rates
  • Discover how Postcard Retargeting works
  • Receive 5 Best Practices of effective campaigns
  • Determine what next steps makes sense for your business
How Postcard Retargeting Works

Modern iO Postcard Retargeting turns your lost website traffic into marketing opportunity.

Discover how Modern can help you drive new sales with Direct Marketing.


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Direct Mail

Complete In-House Direct Mail For Any Business

Postcard Retargeting

Automatically Send Postcards to Lost Website Visitors