Postcard Retargeting
Increases Website Conversion

High-impact postcard retargeting converts your web traffic.

We built Modern iO for marketing teams who want to increase online conversions.
Many of our clients are seeing heroic Returns on Ad Spend of 9x to 15x.
Ready to be a hero? Keep scrolling.

Today, digital retargeting isn’t enough.


Ad blocking software is on 30% of devices.


You need to fill that gap in your retargeting funnel.

Crush conversion rates with Postcard Retargeting.

Like most marketers, you probably have a challenge converting website visitors. Fix that. Reach customers who have already expressed an interest in your site…with postcard retargeting. With a 100% open rate and stronger conversion than digital, postcard retargeting is now a proven channel that fills a gap in your marketing and sales funnel. We can show you how.

  1. We create a FREE, unique lightweight pixel that tags your website visitors
  2. Once the tag is in place, we can show how many visitors you can mail to (our match rate is about 50%)
  3. We set up the campaign. Postcards mail the next business day after you get traffic

Real-Time Reporting

Monitor the number of cards mailed each day
Track return-to-site and conversion page
Learn your top URLs you can mail to

The Case Studies don’t lie:

Our Retail and Service clients have seen astonishing success with postcard retargeting. It makes sense: they’re using physical direct marketing to reach potential customers who already expressed an interest. 

No minimums. No contracts. No set-up fees.
You control the budget and quantity.

We do everything. All the services are included in the price. Set-up, data pull, creative, printing, mailing, reporting.
If you want to mail 5 or 5,000 cards per day, we can handle it.
Check out FAQ’s and Tag Set Up for more information.

Find out how many new visitors you’re not reaching each day.