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Postcard Retargeting
for B2B

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Postcard Retargeting Mails
To Your Customers’ Homes

B2B brands can take advantage of a unique aspect of Modern iO Postcard Retargeting: mailing directly to the web visitor’s home. We don’t send to office or business addresses, and that’s a helpful feature. When you mail to the visitor’s home, you get a better shot at direct engagement and response. 

We’ve been asked how recipients respond to getting work-related marketing at home. The answer is clear: Professionals are used to seeing both personal and work marketing messages arrive in their computers and social media feeds. These Retargeting Postcards are relevant, and our clients have not received negative feedback…instead, they’ve seen great results.

B2B Marketing has changed

Business-to-Business Program Samples

Our most successful B2B clients use their programs
for lead generation or direct eCommerce purchases.

After scanning this small sample set from hundreds of programs,
contact us to see how this can work for you.

Modern iO B2B eCommerce
23% Return-to-Site Rate • 2.5% Order Conversion Rate

This brand has a product array designed for specific businesses, and enables their buyer to order online. The B2B Product eCommerce space is growing, and most of these brands are very niche in what they sell and who they sell to. And, those buyers are expecting to reach their decision-making on their terms.

Studies show that 73% of B2B eCommerce buyers are Millennials, who show high response rates with direct mail. The combination of Modern iO to B2B eCommerce buyers is a win for brands looking to increase their website conversions.

Modern iO Postcard Retargeting for Software
24% Return-to-Site Rate

This CRM Software brand focuses on getting visitors to switch, or adopt their platform as their first-time CRM. That’s a big commitment, and involves multiple visits back to the site, research, and a high degree of trust throughout.

With the high customer value of a closed deal, Modern iO Postcard Retargeting a very low-cost, high-impact touch to bring the visitor back to the website and move him/her through their decision-making process. Simply put: get them to take the next step in the sales funnel, be it more research, chat, requesting a demo, or starting a free trial.

Postcard Retargeting for Affiliate Sales Programs
14% Return-to-Site Rate • 30 New Affiliates

As a network focused on bringing in new independent agents, our client offered a program for someone to have a second, independent career. The job of retargeting is to engage and persuade these initial website visitors to come back to the website to fill out a form…and eventually sign up!

Modern iO Postcard Retargeting gave the visitor a clear call-to-action, a good story of why they should continue to pursue this program, and more confidence of professional support. After all, they were asking the visitor to invest and make a big career change. There’s a lot of trust involved with that decision, and the physical card added more credibility to their brand.


Postcard Retargeting for Equipment Sales
13% Return-to-Rite Rate • Regional Targeting Parameters

This regional business sells and rents outdoor equipment, generators, and large construction vehicles. Because they are regional, we put in filters to only mail cards within a specific geographic radius. That was a needed solution for our client, because their customers would pick up the equipment at one of their multiple locations.

The key for our client was getting new customers in the door…and then counting on their excellent customer service and wide array of equipment and services to retain their customers. The job of the Modern iO Postcard Retargeting was to bring a visitor back to the site, and engage with an online quote or call.


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Check out how we’ve helped clients from other industries gain new opportunities
from their existing website traffic with our Postcard Retargeting program.

Consumer Services

Consumer Services

Consumer financial business
gets cost-per-lead of $17.

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Retail e-Commerce gets
10x Return on Ad Spend.

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College institution has
return-to-site rate of 38%.

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