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Postcard Retargeting 
for Organizations

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Increase Engagement 
with Postcard Retargeting

For Organizations and NonProfits, Modern iO Postcard Retargeting is about reclaiming the website visitor’s share of mind. Most of these organizations deploy many marketing channels, and each one is needed to reinforce and remind visitors about the mission and payoff.

Our clients in this category range from true NonProfit organizations, to experience tours, schools and more. For regional brands, we can filter on geographic boundaries, making sure that only their constituents are being targeted.

With additional filters that can be put in place for specific pages visited, we help our clients dial in the right parameters to continually increase response.

Helping Neighbor - Wearing Masks

Organizations and Non-Profit Program Samples

Our most successful Organizations and Non-Profits use
Postcard Retargeting with other channels to better connect.

After scanning this small sample set from hundreds of programs,
contact us to see how this can work for your business!

Postcard Retargeting for Community College
38% Return-to-Site Rate • $2.29 per Return Visitor

This community college is looking to make sure that when a visitor comes to the site, they come back. 98% of visitors leave a website after their first visit without engaging a contact form. The goal of the site, then, is to maintain engagement when the user comes back. That means the goal of the retargeting efforts is bringing visitors back in again.

The Modern iO Postcard Retargeting cards have a longer shelf life than an email or digital retargeting ad. That makes them very effective in reminding visitors why they went to the site in the first place…and in bringing them back.

Postcard Retargeting for Nursing School
22% Return-to-Site Rate • 1% Lead Conversion Rate • $106 cost-per-lead

This school has multiple campuses throughout a region, focusing on IT, Nursing, and Medical Technician Degree programs. With enormous competition for pulling in new students into these degree programs, our clients needed to stand out over the digital noise.

The programs have been extremely successful in bringing in new leads. With these kinds of websites, conversions are measured by the /thank-you page on the lead forms.

Even with lead close rates as low as 10%, the programs are spending $1,000 to recruit a new student…that’s a terrific cost-per-acquisition in terms of securing a new multi-year degree program.


Golf Apparel
15% Return-to-Site Rate • 5.3% Order Conversion Rate • $23 per Conversion

This Nonprofit Foundation sells products online, and uses those sales as fundraisers for the foundation. So while it is a true nonprofit, part of the site looks and feels like an eCommerce play.

With most of their activity and engagement rolls in a handful of months, their traffic – and mailings – naturally ramp up and then back down after the season ended. The program is incredibly flexible.

The Modern iO Postcard Retargeting program is ideal because on the two-sided postcard they blend both storyline and mission-based messaging with actual product examples and offers.


Postcard Retargeting for Booking Experiences
7% Return-to-Rite Rate • 1.2% Booking Conversion Rate • $71 Cost per Booking

Destination experiences are not impulse purchases. Visitors go to a website, check it out, go back, explore their options, and discuss with others as to the time and spend they want to commit to. For these kinds of brands, digital retargeting gets swept away and blended into the online noise, while the Modern iO Postcard Retargeting card persists.

With these specific experiences ranging in revenue from $430 to $700, their cost-per-booking was within expectations and delivered a strong Return On Ad Spend from the program.


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Still Not Convinced?

Check out how we’ve helped clients from other industries gain new opportunities
from their existing website traffic with our Postcard Retargeting program.

Consumer Services

Consumer Services

Consumer financial business
gets cost-per-lead of $17.

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Business to Business


Software company has
return-to-site rate of 24%.

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Retail e-Commerce gets
10x Return on Ad Spend.

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