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Postcard Retargeting
for Consumer Services

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Why Postcard Retargeting 
Works for Consumer Services

Consumer Services are seeing strong results from Postcard Retargeting. Most services companies aren’t measuring “conversions” on their websites. Usually, they’re looking for leads. We set up a lead form confirmation as the ‘conversion’ page, and our clients usually use those results from the dashboard to measure success. Return-to-Site Rates typically range from 5% to 18%.

Because we have no-minimums, Service companies with lower web traffic can run a successful program. And, customer values for these businesses are higher, so these programs yield strong Returns On Ad Spends.

Postcard Retargeting for Consumer Services

Consumer Services Program Samples

Our most successful Consumer Services clients know that the key metric for their programs is driving leads.
They are willing to spend a bit more to acquire a lead that shows higher intent.

After scanning this small sample set from hundreds of programs,
contact us to see how this can work for you!

Financial Services
7.3% Return-to-Site Rate • 5% Lead Conversion Rate • $16.77 per lead

This business deploys digital retargeting through display and social media, so the concept of ‘retargeting’ wasn’t new. The challenge was making that retargeting more effective.

With a solid close rate once a lead was captured, and a customer value in the tens of thousands of dollars once a loan was secured, when Postcard Retargeting showed a cost-per-lead right under $17, it was a game-changing metric.  

They’ve been running the program since late 2018, and continue to see high Return on Ad Spend.

Home Remodeling
7% Return-to-Site Rate • 137 New Leads • $224 per lead

This business is looking for real leads who are interested in an outdoor or indoor major home remodel and upgrade. For these kinds of service business – with contracts in the tens of thousands of dollars – the cost-per-lead becomes a key metric, as does the number of leads.

Postcard Retargeting is about performance that’s unique for each business. So if a lead close rate is 10%, a program that drives in 137 leads – at $224 per lead – delivers 13 new customers at a cost of about $30,000. That might seem like a lot…but if a contract averages $20,000, that’s $260,000 in revenue, or about 8.5x Return on Ad Spend.


Fitness Icon
14% Return-to-Site Rate • 120 New Leads

Fitness clubs are about new memberships. Memberships are the wellspring of recurring revenue, new referrals, and ongoing customer value. A single new customer or lead is the fuel to business health and revenue.

This fitness business has multiple locations, which is perfect for Modern iO Postcard Retargeting. We can segment by Zip Code, and even have different creative and contact information for multiple locations.

This model applies to franchises, too, or any multi-location service brand.


Car Dealership
18% Return-to-Site Rate

Auto dealerships face so much stiff competition, and the variety of websites to promote new and used cars is overwhelming – for the dealerships and the consumers.

Postcard Retargeting helps separate dealerships from the digital noise by sending physical mail to the homes of interested buyers. The physical card hangs around, reminding the recipient to go back to the site…and come in for a test drive.

And, with final sales being in the tens of thousands of dollars, dealerships can afford to reach highly qualified and interested leads.


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Check out how we’ve helped clients from other industries gain new opportunities
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