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Our Creative Services adjust to your team and needs.

We have decades of experience creating response direct mail campaigns, using a wide variety of formats and concepts across numerous industries — including B2C, B2B and non-profits.

We do it all:

  • Full concept development and design to help break into new markets
  • Expert preflighting of native files include color management
  • Converting letter campaigns to postcards or self-mailers
  • Integrating digital marketing with direct mail marketing

Challenge us to improve marketing for your Network.

Instead of an out-of-the-box solution, we work with you to create a unique program that fits your team, saves you time and money, and generates strong returns for your marketing. Network Programs.

We have solved for:

  • Affiliate programs who needed an easier way to order print and direct mail
  • Franchises who required brand standards met across their franchisees
  • Network and Distribution Channels who promised their stakeholders a premium vendor

Target ideal customers with our Advanced Data Solutions.

We know that the list drives 40% of the response rate for mailings and needs to be precise and smart. Our team has deep experience in developing new predictive models and list analysis to reduce your cost-per-acquisition.

Uncover Targets More Likely To Respond

Predictive Modeling with Modern Analytics identifies prospects that look like your best customers for a fraction of the typical cost. Uncover best-match consumers who are more likely to purchase from your business, helping to increase response rates, order averages and ROI. Modern’s data experts will:


  • Analyze your customer list to find common demographic and geographic attributes
  • Provide a snapshot of what your best customers look like
  • Build a prospect model using predominant customer characteristics
  • Generate a list of prospects resembling your top customers who are likely to buy
See Market Penetration & Reduce Costs

Modern’s Customer Profile Report matches your house file against a broad database of U.S. consumer or business data to create a customized market penetration analysis.


  • The process provides up to 28 consumer and 16 business demographic overlays, revealing more information about your customers
  • Reduce marketing costs and improve campaign performance
  • Focus on your most profitable customers
Add Digital Ads to Lift Response

Match postal addresses with IP addresses to create effective, multi- touch campaigns that seamlessly blend digital and direct marketing efforts. You can launch digital display ads to direct mail recipients, or even send a direct mail campaign to anonymous website visitors by matching their IP address to a mailing address.


  • Gain access to thousands of new leads interested in your business
  • Increase response through multi-channel marketing campaigns
Create Smarter Lists to Lift Response

Appending data with The Modern Data Enhancement Program adds highly-detailed geographic and demographic data to your existing consumer or business list. This service enables you to create smarter, more relevant campaigns that can achieve higher response rates. Based on an address, email or phone number, we can append over 1,000 types of useful details, such as:


  • Age, gender, marital status, income
  • Product ownership, hobbies, food and travel preferences
  • Homeownership, home value, length of residence


  • SIC Code and description
  • Employee size
  • Annual sales volume
  • Top contact name
  • Title and gender
  • Telephone and email data

Direct Mail Crash Course

Coming to a city near you, we offer FREE Education on how to create impactful and effective Direct Mail Campaigns.

FREE Marketing Kit

Gain insider tips and expertise that will help you launch effective direct marketing campaigns.