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Target your audience with any commercially available list on the planet.

Find your niche with Modern’s Specialty List products, including over 40,000 lists available on the market today. Target licensed professionals such as lawyers, doctors, or real estate agents. Track down magazine subscribers, trade show exhibitors and attendees, association members – you name it.

You want it, you got it. Our most popular lists include:

Sample Consumer Specialty Lists
  • Ailment and Prescription Data – Individuals suffering from an illness and their medications
  • Auto Data – Car owners by make, model and year
  • Auto-X – Auto insurance policy holders by month of expiration
  • Boat Owners – Boat owners by vessel, propulsion type and length
  • Business Owners at Home Address – Owners not reachable at their business address
  • Credit Card Holders – Consumers by credit card type
  • Discretionary Income – Earnings to spending ratio identifies households with spending power
  • Donors – Households that have made donations to a variety of causes
  • Home-X – Homeowner insurance policy holders by month of expiration
  • Estimated Credit Statistics – Households of a certain, estimated credit score
  • Ethnic and Religious Data – Specific ethnicities as well as religious beliefs
  • Expecting Parents – Families who are expecting a new child
  • Internet Buyers – Consumers who prefer to shop online
  • Investors – Classified by type and estimated portfolio size
  • Magazine Subscriber Lists – Subscribers to specific magazine titles
  • Mail Order Buyers – Consumers who buy products and services via mail
  • New Homeowner Lists – Consumers who have purchased a new home
  • New Mover Lists – Consumers that have moved into your target market
  • Mortgage Data – Homeowners by various property and loan characteristics
  • Mortgage Delinquency Data – Homeowners who are 30, 60, 90 days late on mortgage payments and/or those that have received a NOD (Notice of Default) from their lender
  • Pet Owners – Choose dog or cat owners, or both
  • Pool Owners – Homes that have and maintain a pool
  • Potential First Time Home Buyers – Current renters, ages 25-45
  • Purchasing Behavior – Households that have purchased products via mail or web
  • Recession Sensitivity Ranking – Households that are susceptible to the current economy
  • Student Lists – Active High School and College Students by grade, subject studied, etc.
  • Tradeshow Exhibitors and Attendees – Companies that exhibit as well as individual attendees
  • Travelers – Consumers who frequently travel to domestic and foreign destinations
  • Voter Data – Voters by party affiliation and voting frequency
Sample Business Specialty Lists
  • Association Membership Rosters – Members of leading trade associations, such as the AIA, ASID, AMA, ADA and more
  • Church and Religious Site Data – Churches, temples and shrines by their congregation or membership size
  • Education Lists – Teachers, professors, administrators, as well as high school and college students
  • Fortune 1000 Companies – The biggest and brightest by Fortune using rank and company
  • Growing or Shrinking Companies – Companies that have experienced X% amount of growth or decline over X number of years, decide how much of a difference over your preferred timeline
  • Licensed Professionals – Nurses, physicians, therapists, attorneys, real estate agents, insurance agents and beauty professionals, at their home or work address
  • Magazine Subscriber Lists – Subscribers to specific magazine titles
  • New Business Lists –Brand new businesses that have just opened up shop
  • Tradeshow Exhibitors and Attendees – Companies that exhibit at trade shows as well as the individuals who attend
Arial View of Neighborhood Symbolically Showing Data Mailing Lists Targeted
See how we access the largest data sources to compile a specialty list that reaches your target audience.