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Church Direct Mail Marketing Services

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Direct mail outperforms all digital marketing tactics by 600%*
and is proven to help drive church attendance, involvement and growth.

Keeping members involved and driving new visitors to your church is the key to growth. With access to over 200 million individuals nationwide, we’ll help you reach nearly everyone in your local community and can target by age, marital status, households with children present, income, and more.

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Residential Church Mailers

Imagine the amount of time and effort it would take volunteers to hand-deliver 10,000 invitations throughout your community. Direct mail delivers your invitation to the masses in one single mailing – all for less than the price of a postage stamp per piece!

Church mailers are proven to be highly effective at bringing in new visitors and are the best option for reaching every household in your target area at the lowest possible postage rates.

From start to finish, Modern will help you:


  • Obtain a USPS® nonprofit authorization for optimal postage savings
  • Compile a targeted residential occupant list
  • Design an engaging church mailer that gets response
  • Print, address and ship your mailers direct to USPS® for delivery
  • Track when your mailers have been delivered
Residential Church Mailer Example

This report can be run by zip codes or a mile radius around your church, and includes median age, income, percentage of homes w/children and more.

Mother and child reading a targeted church mailer

Tell us who you want to reach for your mailing campaign, and we’ll provide you with free list counts and project estimate.

Targeted Church Mailers

Targeted church mailers are the best option for mailing to a specific demographic for optimal response. For example, if you want to boost enrollment for your Vacation Bible School, you do not want to mail to every household near your church. You want to deliver your mailers to households with children present and of specific ages, along with income range and more. By targeting the right audience you will increase response rates and improve the results of your campaign.

Targeted mailers are the ideal marketing tool to increase involvement and attendance for specific church programs such as:

  • Men and women only small groups
  • Mother’s Day or Father’s Day Service
  • Youth camps and pre-school enrollments
  • Sermon series focused on parenting or marriage and divorce

40% of the success of your direct mail campaign relies on the list. Our Church
Marketing Consultants will help you reach the right audience to get the best
results for your outreach campaigns.

New Mover Outreach

Getting new residents to visit your church will help them connect with people in their community and encourage involvement with your congregation. Invite new movers to your church with welcoming mailers that communicate your mission, weekly service times or upcoming events.

Mail once, monthly or any time you choose – no subscription required.
Fresh lists are pulled monthly and new mover postcards are mailed when you
want and how often.


  • We’ll pull a list of new movers in your local area
  • Provide your design or we’ll customize a new mover postcard for you
  • We’ll print and ship your mailers direct to USPS® for delivery
  • Rinse and repeat
New Mover Outreach Example
See who’s recently moved to your local area, and how many potential new visitors you can invite to church with this free report.
Man using Google on laptop
Start identifying your web visitors and find out how many potential new visitors you can invite to church with a FREE, no obligation tag setup.

Modern iO – Postcard Retargeting

According to a study by Grey Matter Research, over 17 million non-churchgoers visited local church websites in a 12 month period, and over 28 million churchgoers visited a church’s website they currently don’t attend.

With Modern iO, we can identify your website visitors, match them to mailable addresses, then help you convert them into new visitors for your church. Here’s how it works:

Tag setup: We’ll provide a tag for you to place on your website that will start collecting visitor data.

List development: About 50% of website visitors collected are matched to mailable addresses and compiled into a mailing list.

You control budget: The volume of daily or weekly postcards sent is driven by the number mailable addresses. Choose to mail to all or set a quantity that fits your budget.

Printing and mailing: Your custom church postcards are printed and mailed the very next day to the previous day’s website visitors, keeping your church top of mind and engaged with potential new visitors.

Tracking: Receive timely updates that track when your mailers have been delivered.

73% of unchurched adults in the U.S. were never invited to church.  —Barna Group

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*DMA Response Rate Report