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Powerful church marketing that increases attendance,
involvement and growth.

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Only 22% of Americans attend church regularly.*
Together, we can help improve that statistic.

Don’t let limited budgets or resources keep you from doing effective outreach campaigns that will keep current members involved and new visitors coming in. Every project includes one-to-one personalized service from a seasoned Church Marketing Consultant who will help you create church marketing campaigns designed to drive more people to church.

*2022 Statista Research


Residential Church Mailers

Invite a thousand or a hundred thousand people to your church. Mail to homes by the zip codes you choose or by a specific mile radius around your church location.

Get details, list counts + pricing

New Mover Outreach

Get in front of people who’ve recently moved to your community to help them find a new church home.

Find out who recently moved to your area

Targeted Church Mailers

Reach specific households by age, gender, children present, and more to increase school enrollments or drive involvement in your small groups and themed sermon series.

Get details, list counts + pricing

Direct Mail Retargeting

We’ll identify your website visitors and help you convert
them into new visitors for your church

Retarget your website visitors with postcards

82% of the unchurched would likely attend if someone invited them. –Dr. Thom S. Rainer


Quality printed church promotions can help you reach beyond the mailbox, giving you more ways to keep current members involved and new visitors returning to your church.


Short on design resources? We’ll help you communicate your message to the masses in a professionally-designed church marketing piece. Choose a template to customize, or provide your own ideas and we’ll bring them to life.

Only 2% of churchgoers invited an unchurched person to church in the last year. –Revival Outside the Walls


Modern’s dedicated Church Marketing Consultants have over 40 years of combined experience helping churches like yours grow.

Christine Apodaca
Don Floresca
Brian Cortez
Debbie Barnes
Leslie DeLay