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Nonprofit Pilot Program: retarget web visitors with postcard marketing.

If you’re an education, environment, cultural, cause, or community nonprofit, we can help you boost engagement and conversion, making our community stronger.
In just a few days, you can see how many web visitors you can reach with postcards. Apply Now. 

Directly reach back to the people who visited your website.

About 97% of website visitors fail to convert. And you know that you want to retarget nonprofit website visitors…they are the future of your audience, sponsor, donor, and volunteer base.


Think about it: you have traffic every day. Yet a lot of those visitors fail to volunteer, fill out forms, or complete a donation. While digital marketing efforts help you reach out to your base and prospects, it’s becoming increasingly harder to retarget nonprofit website visitors effectively. Until now.

Postcards are an effective, direct, and personal way to connect with an audience who has already expressed an interest in your organization.

Set up and Consultation are FREE.

All-Inclusive services make it easy to participate, and all data collected is completely privacy compliant:
  • Tag Set Up. We place a privacy compliant tag on your website to start collecting data at NO COST to you.
  • List Development. We match about 50% of your website visitors to mailable addresses. The volume of cards we can send will be based on the matched data.
  • You control budget. We can mail as many available cards as you like. Throttle up or down based on your budget.
  • Printing and Mailing. We print and mail the next day after a visitor goes to your site, making it relevant and timely.
  • Tracking. See daily reports showing the cards delivered, so you know when your audience has been re-touched.

*Ask about creative services! We have a special Pilot Program for nonprofits to get you started faster and more affordably.

Postcards have a 100% open rate and score 55% higher than digital ads at motivating someone to take action.

Source: The DMA