Submit Materials

Upload Digital Files

Here you can upload files using the job number you were assigned after placing your order. This includes both new and revised materials – please note that you are permitted to upload revised materials once. All further resubmissions will be subject to our standard $25 fee and will add 1 business day to your production time schedule.

For active orders, start by entering your job number.


If files are uploaded before 12 Noon PST, our in-house artists will review your files and send a Final Approval within 24 hours. Files uploaded after the deadline will be reviewed the following business day. We appreciate your patience in this process and if we find any issues with your files we will contact you.

Other Submission Methods
  • Mail us your materials
  • Fax us your materials at 760.268.1700
  • Do not email your files

Please Note: Layout instructions are the only acceptable faxable material. We cannot scan text, logos, or imagery sent by fax. For active orders, please refer to the job number issued during the ordering process.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How long does it take to transfer my digital files over the internet?

A: Transfer speed is determined by several factors: internet connection (broadband vs. dialup), file size, and even time of day (on some networks). If you have a fast connection and have compressed your files, it should take a few minutes. If, on the other hand, you have a slow internet connection, a large uncompressed file, or a flaky ISP, please consider mailing us a disk overnight. You can determine the approximate quality and speed of your internet connection.

Q: Should I compress my digital files prior to uploading them? Why? How?

A: Yes. Please see our File Compression instructions. Whenever you send files over the internet, they can become damaged as your data bounces around the globe. To protect your files from data corruption, you should compress them using StuffIt (Mac) or WinZip (PC).

Q: How can I upload more than one file?

A: Only a single file can be selected at one time, but you can upload as many files as you need to individually. We recommend placing all of your files (front and back layouts, support files, etc.) into one folder, compressing that folder, and uploading that compressed file.

Q: I will be uploading my mailing list. Are there any format specifications I should follow?

A: Please follow our mailing lists format specifications.

Q: Do you accept CDs, or Zip disks in the mail?

A: We accept CDs, 100 MB Zip disks, digital camera media and loose digital photos to be placed into a layout.

Q: What file types do you accept and would you prefer to receive?

A: If we're going to assemble your layout, please send your high resolution images in any of the following acceptable file formats:

  • Photoshop: .jpg, .tiff., .psd, .pdf, .eps
  • Illustrator: .ai, .eps
  • InDesign: .indd, .idml

*We also accept PDFs made from the programs listed above.

We can accept Word files .doc and Power Point .ppt for mock-up purposes but we cannot print directly from such files. Additional fees for assembly may apply.

I have been using Modern Postcard for over 6 years and have never been disappointed. The quality is always top notch and the service has been overly helpful. I have purchased lists from a number of different printers over the years and Modern Postcard has been the most accurate and up to date. The mailing lists were easy to customize and have given us a great return. Working in non-profit it is essential to have the best coverage with every mailing, Modern Postcard has helped us achieve this. You are in good hands and won’t be disappointed.
Kevin Swed
Design Director, Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA