The Direct Mail Club

Jeanine Norlin, Marketing Program Coordinator, Modern Postcard

Hi my name is Jeanine, and I think direct mail is cool. There, I said it loud and proud. As a Millennial, I find that not too many of my peers in the marketing profession share my gusto for direct mail. But you know what, that’s ok.


Order by dates - make sure your cards arrive on time this holiday season!

The holiday hustle and bustle is here - prime time for ringing up year-end sales and sending best wishes to your clients.


Announcement: Postal Analytics is Here!

Marc Ortiz, Mailing Data Manager

Contrary to popular belief, postage is not a set price – it is actually based on the amount of work the USPS does for your mailing. One of our ongoing company goals is to identify areas where we can add value to our clients’ orders.


Postcard Design Spotlight: Communication Arts

Wendy Batara, Marketing Program Manager, Modern Postcard

When using direct mail as part of your marketing mix, the need to grab a reader’s attention is crucial. While people sort through loads of daily mail, you have about 5 seconds to get them to decide whether they read your mailer or toss it into the junk pile. This call for entries mailer by Communication Arts doesn’t waste any time grabbing attention and getting straight to the details.


How to Better Understand Your Markets

Sydni Craig-Hart, The Smart Simple Marketing Coach

As a small business owner, you’ve probably given some thought to your target market. After all, you’re not trying to sell life-coaching services (or basket weaving classes, or SEO eBooks) to everyone in the world. Right?


Modern Postcard’s customer service and support separates them from the others. The sales staff is exceptional and the production team is accurate and timely. They made our initial experience with mailers such a pleasant and productive one - we just submitted another bigger job. Kudos Modern Postcard!
Billie McCluskey
CTO, mycatalytics.com