Postal Regulations

Ensure Delivery

For proper automated handling of your postcards by the Post Office, your layout must follow the USPS rules and requirements below. Complying with these rules will increase deliverability of your mailing and will ensure that your postage costs are minimized.

Clear Zones

The post office requires specific areas on the mailing panel to be left clear of certain elements. Click on the appropriate graphic below to view these areas. If you are planning on having your cards mailed by a mail house other than us, we recommend that you contact them to ensure that these templates will not present any problems.

YELLOW ZONE - No addresses with a Zip Code & State.

RED ZONE - No text/graphics greater than 7% grayscale

Rules for Folded Self-Mailers

Folded Self-Mailers (folded cards that mail without envelopes) must follow the following USPS rules to ensure smooth automated processing through the Postal Service sorting equipment.

Please keep in mind that if you have leftover cards that don't follow the rules below, the post office will require additional postage to mail them. All the more reason to begin adopting these changes now!

Here are three basics that you need to know:

  1. Sizes: Acceptable sizes for Folded Self-Mailers are 4-1/4" x 6" up to 6" x 10-1/2".
  2. Orientation - Folded & Tri-Fold Cards: When looking at the mailing panel, all Folded Self-Mailers must open at the top and fold at the bottom. Note: For Tri-fold cards the mailing information must be on the middle panel.
    Orientation Example
    Take a look at the animations below for a visual on how Folded and Tri-fold cards should be set up.
    Orientation Sample - Tri-fold Orientation Sample - Folded
    Folded Self-Mailers, such as Panoramic Products that fold on the right side of the mailing panel, are still allowed. However, they also cannot exceed 10-1/2" in length.
  3. Sealing: Folded Self-Mailers must be sealed closed using glue spots or non-perforated wafer seals. When mailing with us, we will ensure that your sealing type complies with USPS regulations.
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