Color Services


We will scan your photos and transparencies to produce high-resolution digital image files. Our color editors will then carefully match your original image with the digital file produced from it. If needed or requested, we can also professionally retouch these files to your specifications - no matter how simple or complex.

Digital Color Reviews

If you provide us with a non-digital color sample (inkjet proof, photo, transparency, etc.) of what you are expecting, we will compare it to your digital image. If there is a difference, we will advise you on the best course of action.

Color Proofs

We produce hard copy color proofs, color-managed to resemble final press output, which allows you to see how your job will look before it prints.

Color proofs are $35 (free if you order 5,000 or more cards) and add one business day to your turnaround time. They are created on a digital printing press, using state-of-the-art equipment and proprietary software. The paper used for this proof is the same premium card stock, on which your final cards will be produced. The proof is a close representation of your image, but will not exactly match the color of your cards due to inherent limitations of any printing process.

Free Color Kit

We will send you a printed color postcard, the file of it and instructions. Use it to adjust your monitor so that files displayed on it will more closely resemble how they will print. Color Kit

Free Ink Adhesion Samples

Test how your ink will adhere the aqueous coating used in our full-color printing process. Ink Adhesion Samples

Services included with Each Order
  • One frontside image scan (color or B&W) or placement of digital files
  • One logo scan (B&W only)
  • Simple image cleanups (scans only)
  • Simple color enhancements (scans only)
  • Technical assistance (800.959.8365 x6205)
Color Services Pricing:
Additional frontside image scans (color or B&W) $25 each
Backside image scan (B&W only) $25 each
Additional logo scan (B&W only) $10 each
Logo scan (color) $25 each
Any oversized scan (8"x10" to 16"x20") $35 additional each
Retouching $35 minimum at $100/hr
Color Edits $35 minimum at $100/hr
Masking $35 minimum at $100/hr
Color proofs $35 each (free with 5,000 cards)

Learn how to achieve great color quality for your cards.

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