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Backside Details

Please indicate whether we are building your frontside layout for you or if you are submitting press-ready files.

Please Note – Our folded cards are created from flat postcard products. If you order a folded card we will refer to the postcard front when requesting information for the OUTSIDE of your card.

We’re building it for you

If we are creating your front layout (outside for a folded card) for you based on your instructions, we will need a frontside image and possibly a logo. For the frontside image, you may mail us a slide/photo/transparency, upload or mail a digital image (TIFF/JPEG/EPS), or choose a Stock Photo from sites like iStock Photo or Shutterstock.

You may also upload or mail a digital logo or mail us a camera ready logo. Once we receive your image(s), logo(s), and instructions (or mockup), we have the pieces necessary to create what you want.

– or –
You’re sending press-ready files

We consider any digital files to be press-ready if they are 100% ready to print>, requiring no additional in-house adjustment other than preflighting and prepress work. Please review our specifications before sending your digital files.

– or –
Your backside is blank

If you do not want any printing on the backside of your postcard (inside of your folded card), please indicate this by selecting this option when ordering.