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Camera Ready

We Build Your Layout

Camera Ready Art is better understood if you think “scanner ready laser print.” Essentially, you are mailing us a black/white hardcopy from a laser printer and we are scanning it in and placing that into your layout for you.

You print it and mail it to us

We scan it and place it
Basic guidelines for getting the best possible results:

  • Use a good quality printer (laser printer preferred)
  • Black/white only (please do not use shades of gray)
  • Be sure that text, borders, and logos are sharp and clear

The following information explains quality camera ready art in more detail.


Getting the Best Quality

Be sure that your text, borders, and logos are sharp, clear, and black/white. This can typically be determined by scrutinizing your hardcopy on your end before mailing it to us.

Detail of card: Notice that text is sharp, clear, black/white.
Avoid Shades of Gray Although you may be tempted to introduce gradients or screened images into your layout, please be aware that we scan all camera ready art as 1,200 dpi Bitmap TIFF’s. This gives you the best possible output for black/white text and logos. If you submit camera ready art with shades of gray, however, you risk having those shades become severely pixelated (grainy).