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Postcard Retargeting to website visitors

Postcard Retargeting automatically matches 50% of your lost website visitors to mailable addresses, and sends postcards the next day.

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Here’s a stronger, second chance to engage lost opportunities.

When a website visitor leaves, it doesn’t have to mean goodbye. We can increase your conversions by sending postcards to website visitors that didn’t convert to customers or leads.

Whether you want them to buy online, visit your store, call, start a free trial, or fill out a contact form, remind them about the value of your offer and convert them from a visitor that’s “just browsing” to a new customer.

Re-Engage Website Visitors with Print

Re-engage Website
Visitors with Print

Bring Prospects Back to Your Business

Bring Prospects Back
to Your Business

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and more of your unconverted website visitors matched to mailable addresses


higher engagement with direct mail versus with digital marketing alone*


more visitors returning to your website than with digital marketing^


ROAS on product pages, 11x on abandon cart campaigns, and more**

Sources: *Royal Mail MarketReach, Neuro-Insight 2018. ^Marketing Sherpa survey, 2016,
‘Proprietary Case Studies, **Actual client performance, results not guaranteed.

Laurie Dunlap, CEO of Blue Canoe

“When I factor in Lifetime Value, it’s 19x Return.”

“There’s a gut-level reaction to seeing how many visitors left your site but could be mailed to each day. We are thrilled with the results. We’re now seeing 8x Return on Ad Spend. And, when I factor in Lifetime Value, it’s 19x Return.” Laurie Dunlap, Founder and CEO, Blue Canoe

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How Postcard Retargeting Works

How Postcard Retargeting Works

Our team will work closely with you in our easy, step-by-step Postcard Retargeting
program to help you convert more website visitors.

Set Up Tracking

Step 1: Set Up Tracking

We’ll analyze your current website traffic and work together to add specialized tracking on your website that matches visitors with mailable addresses. We will target pages and visitors most likely to convert.

Step 2: Send Postcards

We’ll send direct mail postcards designed by you or our experts to the addresses that our tracking system has collected. How many addresses we mail to is based on your website traffic and desired budget. Some clients mail 10 cards per day, some over 1,000. It’s up to you.

Send Postcards
Track Results & Optimize

Step 3: Track Results & Optimize

Tracking visitors returning to your website is easy from our system dashboard. We can look at everything from mail tracking to conversions. We evaluate results and optimize who and what pages we’re targeting for even better results.

Getting Started is Easy!

There’s no risk to get started. Our Postcard Retargeting programs can begin at just $50 per week (or less!). No minimums, no contracts. Pay as you go.

Call us to get started or fill out the form to learn more!

Send Postcards to Your Website Visitors

Still Not Convinced?

Check out how we’ve helped clients from various industries gain new opportunities
from their existing website traffic with our Postcard Retargeting program.



Retail eCommerce gets
10x Return on Ad Spend.

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Consumer Services

Consumer Services

Consumer financial business gets cost-per-lead of $17.

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Software company has
return-to-site rate of 24%.

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College institution has
return-to-site rate of 38%.

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It’s a No-Brainer.

We’ve experienced proven performance for all businesses with Postcard Retargeting. Start today!