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Modern iO: Direct Mail Retargeting

Direct Mail Retargeting gives you more opportunities to get more customers.

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After they’re done browsing, make sure they think of your brand first.
It’s simple yet powerful: we match lost website visitors to mailable addresses and automatically mail postcards each day. No minimums or contracts, just great results.

Your customers will overlook thousands of digital retargeting ads and hundreds of subscriber emails from all of the websites they visit, including yours…and your competitors’.

With Modern iO’s Direct Mail Retargeting, your brand message has an exponentially greater chance of being seen by your visitors –  it literally lands right in their hands.

Proven success for these markets.

Check out how we’ve helped clients from various industries gain new opportunities from their existing website traffic with our Direct Mail Retargeting programs.

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Retail e-commerce gets
10x Return on Ad Spend

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Consumer Services

Consumer financial business gets cost-per-lead of $17

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Software company has
return-to-site rate of 24%

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College institution has
return-to-site rate of 38%

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What is Direct Mail Retargeting?

Direct Mail retargeting is a marketing tactic that combines the strategy of digital retargeting with the proven power of Direct Mail. In other words, instead of digital ads the consumer is retargeted with a postcard in the mail. The primary aim of this approach is to re-engage potential customers who have previously visited your website and interacted with your brand or business online but have not yet made a purchase or taken the desired action.

In Direct Mail Retargeting, businesses track the online behavior of their website visitors, such as browsing products, adding items to the cart, or visiting specific pages. When these potential customers leave the website without converting, the business uses their contact information, such as a physical mailing address, to send them targeted Direct Mail pieces, like brochures, catalogs, or promotional offers.

This is done in an attempt to persuade the customer to revisit the website and complete their purchase or desired action.

Process of direct mail retargeting

How Direct Mail Retargeting works:

We work with you to set up your Modern iO Direct Mail Retargeting program.

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1. Qualify your website

Confirm your business has the 3 metrics shared by successful Modern iO clients. What you’re driving are new customers:

  • Average Order Value = $70+
  • Customer Lifetime Value = $300+
  • Monthly Unique Visitors = 3,000+

These aren’t absolutes, but if your website and business look like this model, your program should yield positive Return on Ad Spend for getting a new customer.

2. Enable 1st Party cookie data

We help you enable a 1st-party, cookie-based “tag” that ensures your program is privacy compliant and has the highest Address Match Rates possible.

This means you can accurately connect with more of your lost website visitors without the hiccups and problems of IP-based matching.

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3. Target your mailings 

Set filters to identify visitors who abandoned carts, visited top-converting pages, visited two or more pages, or live in the geographic areas you want to focus on.

Based on your site and business, we’ll work with you to best set up filters and rules so you can mail to an audience most likely to convert.

4. Create the most effective postcard

The messaging and layout for Direct Mail Retargeting are different – these prospects already visited your site, seen your products or services, and have shown intent.

Focus on the story of why you’re different, and drive them with response triggers and an offer they can’t refuse… and not the same for subscribing to your emails.

We know exactly how to design or guide you to create a card that will drive response.

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5. Optimize for best performance 

Using the program performance metrics in your Dashboard, we help you evaluate your ongoing results – and optimize any of the key campaign leverage points.

Whether it’s who you target, which pages you target, the story told on your Postcard design, or your offer, we can help you identify what to adjust and develop the right testing strategy to optimize your program’s results.

Laurie Dunlap, CEO of Blue Canoe

“When I factor in lifetime value, it’s 19x return.”

“There’s a gut-level reaction to seeing how many visitors left your site but could be mailed to each day. We are thrilled with the results. We’re now seeing 8x Return on Ad Spend. And, when I factor in Lifetime Value, it’s 19x Return.”

Laurie Dunlap, Founder and CEO, Blue Canoe

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Starting is easy, Modern iO Direct Mail Retargeting programs are flexible.

What types of business does Direct Mail Retargeting work for? 

While B2C companies will typically see the best results, we’ve put together successful programs for B2B and Services companies as well. Generally, if you have a website and you’re looking to convert more orders or generate more leads from the interested traffic, retargeting with Direct Mail is probably for you.

Is the tag easy to place? 

Yes, it only takes a few minutes. If you already use Google Tag Manager, it’s even easier. Our Direct Mail remarketing tag is “asynchronous,” lightweight, and doesn’t affect site speed. We have instructions for placing on Shopify and other e-commerce sites, too. 

 What filters can I use to pick which visitors to mail to? 

Choose the URLs that have the stronger conversion rates and highest order value or profit (abandoned cart, product page, etc.). You can also filter by the number of page views and geographic targeting.

Can I send different Direct Mail Retargeting Postcards to my visitors? 

We’ll help you analyze your website traffic to see if it makes sense to implement different creative for different pages visited.

What if I only want to mail to new visitors, and not my repeat customers? 

While we recommend that you include both returning and new customers, based on your offers, we can suppress most existing customers. Simply send us a list of existing customers with names and addresses, and we’ll use that as the file to suppress each day’s mailing. Depending on your customers’ typical buying cycle, we recommend a suppression file of the past 12-24 months.

What is Direct Mail Retargeting pricing?

A number of factors go into your Direct Mail retargeting pricing. This may include specifics of design, printing, postage, and the number of cards sent each week. 

How are you getting the data for the mailing addresses? 

Our tag placed on your website uses a 1st party cookie that connects each visitor to a proprietary data network*. It’s privacy compliant, and more accurate than any IP-address matching solutions that exist. Most IP-address matching services use lat-long to secure addresses, which won’t work for apartment buildings. And since IP-address area accuracy is limited to about 60 meters, closely-packed home neighborhoods make IP-address matching less accurate.

 *This network comprises businesses like financial, wireless, online subscriptions, and more.

Do I need to be an expert to design the postcard? 

If you have a designer who’s experienced with Direct Mail, great — but don’t hesitate to tap into our 25+ years of designing high-response Direct Mail. No designer? Not a problem, once we work with you on the best strategy, we can create the postcard for retargeting.

Can I make changes after the Direct Mail Retargeting program starts? 

Yes. Whether it’s changing the budget, adding more pages, or updating the creative, most changes can be implemented by the following business day.

Do I need to pay upfront? 

No. There are no upfront costs and once your program launches we mail your cards out during the week and then automatically bill you on Fridays based on that week’s actual amount.

How long does it take to start a Direct Mail retargeting program? 

It really depends on the creative. Once you place the tag on the site, we start seeing data the next day or so. From there, it’s a question of setting the filtering rules, your budget, etc. When the creative is ready, we can launch the Direct Mail retargeting program.