Digital Logos

If you are submitting a digital logo, it means that we are going to place that logo into a layout based on your instructions or mockup. In the simplest terms, we need logos that are:

  • High quality TIFF (or JPEG)
  • EPS with fonts converted to outlines
  • CMYK for front & backside (4/4 orders), CMYK for front and grayscale/B&W for backside (4/1 orders)
  • 355 ppi (1200 ppi bitmap)
  • Instructions and/or mock-ups indicating size and placement of image(s).

Please be aware that logo quality is often easy to determine based on where you got the image in the first place.

Determine Logo Quality from Source

The quality of your logo can make a huge difference and most of this is determined by the quality of your source (or process):

Created in a vector-editing application like Illustrator or FreeHand
Lifted directly from a webpage and submitted for final printing

The following is a comparison of good logo quality sources vs. low logo quality sources:

Good Quality:
  • EPS created according to our instructions from Illustrator or FreeHand
  • High resolution, CMYK TIFF (or JPEG) from Photoshop
  • High resolution / high quality scan of camera ready artwork
Low Quality:
  • Image lifted off a webpage
  • Low resolution / low quality TIFF or JPEG
  • Low resolution / low quality scan
  • Clip art
  • Any file(s) created using applications we do not support or accept (example: Microsoft Publisher, etc.)
I am emailing because I am ECSTATIC!!!! I would like to thank the graphic designer who worked on my card as well as the staff that turned it out in remarkable time. The card looks great. It exceeds my expectations. The little things the designer did in cropping, placement, etc. all stand out and make the card shine. I received my cards one day earlier than I was supposed to. When does that ever happen??? What a relief. I had a tough deadline and crazy circumstances. Thanks for pushing my order through and giving me such a great product. I am so pleased! Thanks again.
Michelle Jones
Hoosier Magnolia