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Testing and Seasonal Programs


Different scenarios reveal how best to measure performance from the channel.

A/B Split Testing helps you determine what your audience responds to best.
Experienced marketers know that testing is a key component in optimizing a program to drive the best results. You can set up A/B split testing to the same audience and test offers or messages and see which performs better over time. This works well when you have enough volume for a test to be statistically viable.

If you choose to split test, we recommend that the single test variable – creative, message, or offer – is different enough to help you understand what best converts. We will need to run a matchback analysis to view the split test results.

Seasonal or other limited-time campaigns
There’s a common misconception that seasonal products (gourmet foods in Holiday time) should only be mailed in-season. However, we have found that programs that mail year-round achieve a stronger overall performance because they consistently retarget interested buyers even during slow periods.

If your business changes product lines seasonally, holds events, or has campaigns that coincide with holidays, etc., you can take advantage of a quick-swap of your creatives.

When you want to introduce a new creative, we can begin mailing the new creative once it has been submitted, reviewed, and approved. Submitting the new creative before the switch-over date avoids downtime and ensures you’re not missing any opportunity from the traffic on your site each day.

To submit the new creative, go to the Support tab on your agency’s dashboard, and click on the Upload Files button. Drag and drop the files to submit. Please include the client’s Company Name in the file name. <VIDEO Coming Soon>