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The Targeting Approach


The Targeting Approach is the first step in setting up a long-term, effective program. Think of it like a Goldilocks Zone: you’re targeting higher intent visitors without being too broad – which lowers conversion rates, or too specific – which results in lost opportunities.

Example: When sending a card based on “all pages” targeting, response rates are lower, because you’re targeting visitors with less intent to buy.

In addition, creating too complex a program could work against you.

Example: Having a different creative for each different product would be over-complicated. We’ve seen no evidence that response rates are materially different when this is implemented, and you’re guessing which product a visitor is most likely to buy, versus whether they will buy from your brand or a competitor.

The Targeting Approach takes into consideration:

  • Which pages high-intent visitors will view
  • Whether audiences are different enough to likely generate better responses if those visitors were sent different messaging
  • What kind of ROAS, CAC, or Conversion Rate the client is trying to achieve

Example: An eCommerce site considers both a /mens and /womens card. This may or may not make sense. If the product set is dramatically different, it could be appropriate. However, most eCommerce brands could see better results by showing both men’s and women’s products on a card and telling their overall brand story to stand out versus a competitor.

Example: Consumer services (roofing) site has one creative, and sends to all visitors around a geographic location. Perfect use of a single card targeting local opportunities.

Example: Solar company has both commercial and residential programs. This would make sense to have two creatives focusing on each audience since the visitor will most likely only visit only one of those pages, and the messaging is very different for each.

Apply these principles when thinking about your targeting approach. While the specific targeting approach will be different for each site and business, make decisions that will best ensure the long-term success of that client’s specific program.

Read the following Targeting Tips articles in this Knowledge Base to get a more granular view of what makes sense.

If needed, contact our Modern iO Success Team to help review your specific program.