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Qualifying Best-fit Opportunities


While almost every kind of business is a good fit for MiO Direct Mail Retargeting, we’ve found that certain categories, industries, and businesses provide more opportunities than others.

We’ve seen success from various brands in Consumer Retail, Consumer Services, Education, B2B, and more. The most successful clients believe that ongoing marketing efforts yield better returns over time. In addition, they know the importance of using Customer Lifetime Value as the chief revenue metric, versus simply measuring the amount of a single transaction.

If the product or service is something consumers will research and deliberate on before purchasing, it’s usually a good fit for Direct Mail Retargeting.

Our most successful clients tend to have a profile where they at least have:

  • $70+ Average Order Value
  • $300+ Customer Lifetime Value
  • 3,000+ unique visitors/month to their website

Of course, these thresholds depend on what your price per card will be, the margins of the clients’ products, etc.

Clients with this profile will usually have a multiplying Return on Ad Spend, meaning their programs continue each month and deliver a consistent flow of incremental revenue to your agency.