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Suppress Visitors from Mailing


Suppression of existing customers will focus a program on acquisition and reactivation. We work from address suppression lists, so if you send a list of addresses, we will use that. You can always replace this file as the customer base grows. Note that Suppression is not 100% foolproof, since there can be inconsistencies with what is matched in our network.

If you do choose to suppress existing customers, we generally don’t recommend going past 2 years (your timeframe may be shorter). That’s because while this program helps you convert new customers, it also works well at reactivating prior customers. Your Account Manager can consult with you about what would be optimal for your program.

Suppression of repeat visitors can be set for the default of 30 days, 45, 60 days, etc. This means anyone going to the website and who received a card would be blocked from receiving another card in those 30, 45, or 60 days if they returned to the site in that time period.

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