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Tips for B2B


B2B websites often have longer sales cycles and higher average order values, making Direct Mail a more appropriate marketing channel. Similar to consumer websites, you want to determine which pages identify higher-intent visitors researching your solutions. For the B2B environment, this could be a wide variety of pages like /products, /pricing, /services, /request-demo, etc.

One of the advantages for B2B is that the match process predominately identifies the visitor’s home address. From our experience, the cards are more likely to be delivered and read in the home, versus in a business environment where they might get lost or screened out in the mailroom.

Through the dashboard, you will have visibility to the number of return-to-site visitors and online conversion events when applicable. This might be a B2B e-commerce /thank-you page or a form-fill submission.

Note: Because we predominately mail to home addresses, and you will likely have business addresses from buyers, the Matchback can’t provide a complete picture of performance. As such, we may not be able to determine the total results. 

In that light, Direct Mail Retargeting is best used as part of an overall retargeting strategy, where all channels have a part in driving a prospect down the conversion funnel.