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Successful Budgeting Approach


Like the Reasonable Targeting Approach, we have learned through experience what it looks like to have a Successful Budgeting Approach.

Generally, the philosophy is to focus on long-term success for a client’s program, not just a quick-win to score a high volume of cards.

When estimating the Opportunity of # of cards available, sending the maximum volume might not be the best approach. Don’t look for just the total addressable available, but instead focus on what’s best for the client. It could be that the targeting approach suggests we mail to specific pages that garner the highest intent.

Example: one client wanted to send to all visitors, and while the volume was high, the response rate generally was low. But when we refined the targeting to specific pages, the response rate went up. So even though the client mailed fewer cards per day than before, they had a higher ROAS. And over time, they’ve continued the program for years. We’d rather have a client successfully sending 50 cards per day for two years than sending 100 cards per day for a month and dropping the program.

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