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Planning “Time” versus “Budget”


The best way to plan a budget is to think of it as an ongoing, monthly program. Your client will be getting continuous website traffic, most of which will not convert on their first visit. This channel helps you convert that daily traffic, and can be continually optimized to increase conversion rates. Budgets can also flex based on the seasonality of your business.

The most successful and longest-running programs are set up as ongoing programs with a continuous monthly budget.

Agencies that take the approach of selling this as a test for 30 or 60 days, or a fixed dollar amount, struggle to help the client see this as an ongoing conversion tool. The reason is that they need to re-sell the program after the end of the ‘test’ period, often before the program has had time to show its full return value.

If the client insists on a fixed budget amount, we set a monthly “cap” of spending, which will either amortize the spend-per-day, or reach a budget limit and then stop for the remainder of the month.