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Setting Budget Parameters


Once the targeting parameters have been chosen, we can determine the approximate number of available visitors you can mail to each day. You control the budget by setting daily or monthly limits that can be adjusted as the program runs.

We can see from the dashboard how many mailable addresses exist, but we can’t determine the impact additional targeting parameters (suppression or geo-fencing) have on actual mailing volume until we start the actual program.

When you submit an order, you’ll have these options when setting the budget:

  • Ongoing Program: this has a monthly budget and will continue unless instructed to pause.
  • Specific Stop Date: typically used for Creatives that promote a specific event. We recommend stopping 10 days before the event to account for the mailing time.
  • Controlled by Budget: this is used when a program has a fixed dollar amount and will run until the amount is reached.


For each option, you input the budget based on a card quantity or dollar amount. If you select a dollar amount, you’ll need to specify if it’s based on your Agency rate or the price you’re charging the client.

When applicable, you’ll select if the monthly amount is amortized throughout the month, or to run out as early as possible each month. If a program reaches the amount before the month’s end, it will automatically pause and restart at the beginning of the next month.

All these budget parameters are adjustable, even after a program begins. Changes are typically implemented within 1 business day.

The targeting parameters directly affect the budget and number of cards sent each day:

  • If your client’s budget isn’t enough to cover all the available visitors, we can set additional filters to prioritize and optimize the spend to reach those people most likely to respond.
  • If your parameters are too restrictive to get the card volume you’re trying to reach, we can adjust them after the program begins.