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10 Ideas for Adding QR Codes to Your Next Printed Piece

Have you seen QR (quick response) codes popping up seemingly everywhere lately? So have we. In fact, quite a few Modern customers have been adding these funny-looking codes to everything from mailers to brochures and business cards. So how are they being used for maximum marketing power with Direct Mail?

 So, What Are Quick Response Codes?

QR codes are basically the 2-dimensional equivalent of a standard 1-dimensional bar code. By going 2D, they have the ability to hold more information such as website addresses. Recipients simply use one of numerous (and free) QR reader apps to scan the code on their smartphone, and voila! Instant access to a webpage and so much more.

 In fact, here are 10 ideas to get you started, but the possibilities are endless!

  1. Download a coupon or freebie to a phone
  2. Sign up to receive text (SMS) promos
  3. Sign up for email list
  4. Instant contest or giveaway entry
  5. Link to your website or product page
  6. Event map and directions
  7. Link to your Twitter of Facebook page
  8.  Add your business card info to their phone
  9. Video instructions to assemble a product
  10. Expanded and detailed product or offer info

 Quick Tips for QR Code Success

Just remember that you can’t just slap a QR code on a printed piece and call it a day. Make sure that if you send people to a web page, it’s optimized to be viewed easily on a mobile device. And don’t forget two of the cornerstones of direct marketing: including an offer people can’t refuse and stating a clear call to action. For example: Scan the code for an instant 50% OFF your first purchase!


 Feel free to talk to a Modern Postcard rep about adding QR codes to your mailers and handouts. We’re seeing a ton of great ways to use them and can help you add them to your marketing mix!

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