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3 Ways to Avoid the Stress of Last-Minute Events

You have three, huge, must-finish projects on your plate, plus two upcoming doozies. Out of nowhere, your manager asks you to handle a last-minute event. Needless to say, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Stop, breathe and remember that there are simple ways to make this workable.

  1. Set expectations: List out your workload, the requirements for this last-minute event, and give it to your manager. They may not realize that they’re adding a massive project to an already full plate. Now get your manager’s input on what are their “must-haves” and what are “wants.” Clarifying limitations from the start will help curb outlandish expectations and lower your stress levels. Saying no is always hard, but having a failed event is harder.
  2. Enlist help: As event organizers, we are generally control freaks by nature. From beginning to end, we’re in charge. Go against this instinct and ask for help. While it can be intimidating to think about what will happen if something goes awry and you have to rework a problem, don’t be stingy about delegating. And if it’s a big event, “asking” for help may be the polite term.
  3. Remember the basics: With short timelines, you can get a little frazzled. Just remember the basics – eating and sleeping will help you handle the crazy whirlwind your event is about to hurl at you. Mistakes are made when you’re hungry and tired, which means even more work. So, take care of yourself and take care of your helpers.

You can strive for perfection with each event, but in order to achieve it, remember to be realistic with your expectations. Cut the fat, keep a file of reliable helpers and don’t be afraid to ask and take care of the team. Even with a million things to juggle, you can learn to be the epitome of grace under pressure.

Or, at least, not completely lose your marbles.

By Modern Postcard

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