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33 Different Lists You Can Build Within the Consumer List

With the dog days of summer coming to an end, it’s time to switch gears and get cranking on your fall and holiday marketing initiatives. Heading into the one of the busiest retail seasons of the year, you might want to consider tapping into consumer lists that can help you boost response rates and drive new business throughout the holiday season. From vegetarians to wine enthusiasts, art collectors, cat lovers, do-it-yourselfers and more, Modern has access to over 200 million individuals and can help you build the best consumer prospect list for your products or services.

Here are 33 consumer lists available to you now:

  1. Art Collectors
  2. Boat Owners
  3. Casino Gamblers
  4. Consumers Who Prefer Natural Foods
  5. Cat Owners
    • a. Singles or Couples without Kids, Own a Cat, Earn $100K+ HHI
  6. Do-it-yourselfers
  7. Dog Owners
    • a. Singles or Couples without Kids, Own a Dog, Earn $100K+ HHI
  8. Do-it-yourselfers
  9. Exercise Enthusiasts
  10. Fishing Enthusiasts
  11. Gourmet Cooking Enthusiasts
  12. High Income Renters
  13. Households With Kids of a Specific Age
  14. Hunting/Shooting Enthusiasts
  15. Investors
  16. Lottery Players
  17. Married Couples with Kids
  18. Married Couples With No Kids (higher amounts of disposable income)
  19. Military Households
  20. Million Dollar + Homeowners
  21. Music Enthusiasts
  22. NASCAR Enthusiasts
  23. Outdoors Enthusiasts
  24. Photography Buffs
  25. Readers by Type
  26. Skiers
  27. Smokers
  28. Sports Enthusiasts by Sport
  29. Travelers — Domestic
  30. Travelers — Family
  31. Travelers — International
  32. Vegetarians
  33. Wine Enthusiasts
  34. Woodworking Enthusiasts

Don’t see a consumer list that fits your business needs? One of our in-house list experts can work with you to build a consumer list that targets your ideal customer.

Wendy Batara, Senior Marketing Program Manager, Modern Postcard

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