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4 Vital Components of Experience Marketing for Trade Shows

Are you gearing up for a year of trade shows? Then you need a cohesive, experience marketing strategy. Whether you’ll be seeing overlapping prospects or completely compartmentalized audiences, now is the right time to lock down your strategy. Here are four vital components to keep in mind:

  1. Interaction: A trade show gives you the chance to interact and play with your audience. This isn’t the usual one way street of sending out a marketing message. At trade shows, you can engage your audience. So take time to make sure that interaction is relevant and of value.
  2. Authenticity: Having a stand out experience will get you remembered. Having a stand out experience that’s also authentic will get you more leads, conversions, and return clientele. Remember, like internet dating, authenticity earns you points and more return messages, so be true to your brand and company!
  3. Creativity: Having an experience gives you the chance to be wildly creative. From wearing a duck suit to illustrate a message such as, “Getting your ducks in a row”, to equating the perfect marketing mix to the perfect margarita mix, remember that you can have fun.
  4. Tracking: In the end, the point of the trade show experience is to get more clients, open more doors and close more deals. Make sure you have a way to track leads, redeemed show offers and your overall ROI.

There are few opportunities that afford you as much freedom as an interactive trade show. Make sure you are making the most of the experience.

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