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Ask our Experts – Is my offer good enough?

Question: Is my offer good enough?

Answer: You can ask yourself the same question. Think about it…we are all consumers except for the products we sell. Everything else we buy on the open market and are subject to advertisers trying to influence our purchasing decision.

I rate offers by the “get off the couch” factor. Is your offer good enough to get YOU off the couch? If you were sitting at the coffee table going through the mail and you came across your offer, would you, your spouse or significant other say, “We better go right now and get this. We don’t want to miss out.” If you can say yes, the offer is good enough.

Remember when you are creating an offer it’s not just to get a customer for that initial transaction but to get a customer for life. Do you think restaurants make big returns on 2 for 1 dinners? No, but if that customer comes in and buys full price dinners once a month for the next 4 years they will pay for that initial “freebee” 30 times over.


Keith Goodman, VP Corporate Solutions, a 20-year veteran of direct mail marketing, has helped companies such as IBM, Hughes, Avery and Amway increase the profitability of their direct mail programs. He’s spoken at hundreds of seminars and conferences around the country, helping thousands of people get better results and greater ROI for their marketing dollars.

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